Energy Management Solutions

Don’t just change the way you use energy—change the way you think about energy. Our energy management program gives you the organizational tools, systems, and processes necessary for achieving continuous energy performance improvement, including optimization of existing systems.

Strategic Energy Management for Industrial Facilities

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a holistic approach to managing energy usage focused on management of existing systems and processes (including behavior), as well as tracking and benchmarking performance to identify and evaluate energy optimization efforts. SEM is a long-term effort typically led by an external instructor focused on developing and executing an energy management strategy via workshops, webinars, and group/individual training sessions with cohorts of facility managers. SEM applies continuous improvement principles to energy management to encourage and enable a culture of energy efficiency within an organization to develop measurable long-term savings.


Retro-Commissioning (RCx) focuses on identifying operations and maintenance improvements in existing commercial buildings to ensure optimal performance of building systems and system interactions.

Commercial buildings frequently undergo operational and occupancy changes that challenge the mechanical, electrical, and control systems and result in less-than-optimal energy performance. RCx helps to ensure that building equipment and systems are properly integrated so they can perform together effectively and efficiently and meet the building owner’s operating requirements and expectations.

To get started, request an assessment for your facility here, and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a time to visit at your convenience to determine eligibility.

To get started, request an assessment

A member of our team will reach out to schedule a time to visit your facility at your convenience and determine eligibility.

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