Guests don’t tend to choose their hotels based on energy efficiency alone—but more efficient buildings are more comfortable buildings, so maybe it’s time to take a look at how your hotel can increase guest comfort while reducing monthly operating costs. We’ll help you uncover hidden energy savings throughout your facilities and connect you with incentives to make efficiency upgrades simple and affordable.

Greater energy efficiency doesn’t just mean a lower utility bill.
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Guest Comfort

It’s more than efficiency. Updated lighting and climate control systems can improve air quality and enhance guest comfort.

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Managing energy costs can contribute to an improved profit margin and a more effective facility.

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Keep guests and staff more secure with improved lighting clarity in hotel rooms, common areas, entryways, and in parking lots.

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Happy guests are the ultimate goal. Upgraded equipment mitigates risk and reduces unplanned maintenance issues.

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Hotel Room
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Tier 1

Make efficiency a frequent guest, with simple energy upgrades that can make a big impact.

Interior Lighting

Brighten your guests’ stay by upgrading to LED lighting in guest rooms, lobbies, dining areas, and any other common areas.

Exterior Lighting

Switching to LED lighting in parking lots and entryways can improve the safety of employees and guests.

Lighting and HVAC Controls & Schedules

Don’t pay to power empty spaces. Use controls and sensors to adjust the temperature and lighting throughout the hotel.

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Tier 2

Increase your energy savings by taking additional efficiency measures.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

Create a more comfortable guest experience by installing VSDs on HVAC pumps and air handlers to manage fluctuations in energy demand.

Lighting Occupancy Sensors

Save up to 30% on lighting costs by installing photosensors and occupancy sensors that dim or turn off LEDs when a room isn’t in use.

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Tier 3

When you get to this point, you’re ready to lead your organization toward optimum energy efficiency.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Improve the way your hotel’s energy systems operate together by working with industry experts to create a SEM and retro-commissioning plan tailored to deliver long-term energy savings.

High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment

Heating and cooling can account for over half of energy costs at some hotels. Upgrade to high-efficiency chillers and rooftop units to optimize your energy use, without sacrificing guest comfort.

Regenerative Drives for Elevator Systems

of your elevators by converting their waste heat into usable energy.


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